Magyar 23pop Double Stable Scouts

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Note: the number on the left indicates your current number of villagers. Don't know where this is?
Queue up Villagers

Queue up as many Villagers as you can in your Town Center

2 Houses

Two Villagers build one, one Villager builds the other

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    When finished, send them to Sheep

6 on Sheep

Send your first six Villagers to Sheep.

Lumber Camp and 1 on Wood

Send your new Villager to build a Lumber Camp. Yes, only one for now.

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    When finished, send them to Wood

Lure Boar

Send your new Villager to lure the nearest Boar

+1 to Wood

Send your ninth Vil to Wood for 2 total lumberjacks.

+4 to Sheep/Boar

Send four more Villagers to take Food under TC (11 total) . Make sure to land your Boars so you can fully surround them. If you can't, take sheep in groups of ~5.

  • Dont forget to build a


Add a house with your 13th population to not get housed.

  • With 150 Food left on the first,

Lure 2nd Boar

Send one of your Villagers collecting from Boar to lure your 2nd Boar

  • Now is also a good time to...

Push two Deer

Use your Scout Cavalry to lure two Deer into your TC and gather their Food with 2 or 3 Villagers.

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    You can do this anytime until Feudal Age.

+2 on Wood

Send your next two Vils to your Lumber Camp.


Send your new Villager to build a house, then to your Mill.


Send your new Villager to build a Mill next to your Berries

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    When finished, send them to Berries

3 on Berries

Send your new Villagers to Berries

  • Around the time your 17th Villager is created...

...your 2nd Boar will deplete

and your 11 Boar Villagers will become idle.

  • Send 5 of them to


Keep five villagers under the TC to gather Food from Sheep.

  • Send the other 6 to...

Hunt Two Deer

in two groups à 3 Villagers. Make sure you pick ones with good HP. You can quickly garrison them into your TC to make sure they have dropped the Food they were carrying and to group them up closely to avoid deer running.

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    When they are finished (around 21pop) and are walking back to the TC, ...

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    ...instead send them to build a Lumber Camp on a nearby woodline.

+2 on Wood

Send your new Villagers to collect Wood at your first Lumbercamp (6 total)

  • During this time...

Build a 2nd Lumber Camp with your Deer hunters!

When your six Deer hunters have gathered 35 Food each, they will try to walk back to TC. Instead, pick nearby woodline and task them to build a Lumer Camp.

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    Make sure they're all touching the building's foundation...

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    ...and they will drop their Food upon the building's completion.


Research Loom in your Town Center

Queue Feudal Age

Perfect uptime will be 10:30.

  • Before 40% to Feudal, take a Villager off Wood:

Barracks and House

Build a Barracks and a House


Feudal Age

Queue up Villagers

Queue up some Villagers in your Town Center.

Double Stable

Immediately build two Stables with 1-2 Villagers each.

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    When they're completed, start queing Scouts!

Double-Bit Axe

Research Double-Bit Axe in a Lumber Camp

Horse Collar

Research in your Mill

+2 Farms

Once Horse Collar is 20% completed, start laying down Farms around your TC and Mill.

  • As your 5 Shepherds run out of Sheep/Deer:

+5 Farms

Whenever 60 wood becomes available, build a farm. If they become idle, you can chop Straggler Trees in the meantime.

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    Same for your Foragers!

(Gold) Mining Camp

Send your new Villager to build a Mining Camp next to your Gold

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    When finished, send them to Gold

2 on Gold

Send your new Villagers to mine Gold: these two miners will start gathering the gold you need for Bloodlines and Castle Age.

  • Don't be afraid to:

Move out with your Scouts!

Along with your starting Scout, start harrassing your opponents' villagers.

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    Keep them in a control group and add new ones as produced to easily re-group.

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    Work together with your flanks to capitalize on openings and engage enemy Archers or Spearmen.

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    Don't forget to keep producing Scouts until you have 8-10!

to Wood

Send your new Villagers to collect Wood

to Farms

Whevener 60 wood becomes avaiable, build a farm until you have 15.

  • As 100 Gold becomes available...

Research Bloodlines in a Stable!


Build a Blacksmith and research the cavalry armor upgrade.

Your call from here!

Depending on the situation and your playstyle, you might want to (among others)

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    add an Archery Range for Skirms or Archers.

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    keep adding Farmers and Gold Miners to transition to the Castle Age.

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    add Stone Miners and pile on the pressure with Towers.