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Build Overview


Pros & Cons



Note: the number on the left indicates your current number of villagers. Don't know where this is?
Queue up Villagers

Queue up as many Villagers as you can in your Town Center

2 Houses

Two Villagers build one, one Villager builds the other

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    When finished, send them to Sheep

6 on Sheep

Gather Food from Sheep under your TC with your first 6 Villagers.

Lumber Camp

Send your new Villager to build a Lumber Camp

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    When finished, send them to Wood

4 on Wood

Your next three Villagers will got to Wood for 4 total lumberjacks.

  • Once you have located all your starting resources,

Lure 2-3 Deer!

Use your Eagle Scout to push up to three Deer under your TC and harvest their food with 3-4 vils. The timing of this is flexible; you can do this anytime during Dark Age.

Lure Boar

Send your new Villager to lure the nearest Boar


Send your new Villager to build a house

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    When finished, send them to Berries


Send your new Villager to build a Mill next to your Berries

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    When finished, send them to Berries

3 on Berries

Send your next Vil to Berries for a total of 3 Foragers.

Lure 2nd Boar

Your 15th Villager should lure your second Boar.


Build another house with your 16th (or 17th) Villager.

+1 to Berries

Send your new Villagers to Berries

+1 to Sheep/Boar/Deer

Send your new Villagers to Sheep; Deer or Boar under TC.

2 Farms

Send your next two Villagers to build Farms next to your Town Center or Mill.

+2 on Wood

Send your next two Villagers to collect Wood at your Lumber Camp.

(Gold) Mining Camp

Send your new Villager to build a Mining Camp next to your Gold

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    When finished, send them to Gold

2 on Gold

Your last two Dark Age Villagers will go to Gold.


Research Loom in your Town Center

Queue Feudal Age

Ideal Feudal Age uptime is 10:55.

  • After clicking up, as Deer/Boar run out:

+3 Farms

Send your new Villagers to build Farms next to your Town Center or Mills

  • Pull two Villagers off Hunt:

+2 to Wood

Take Wood: Stragglers or Lumber Camp

  • At 80% to Feudal, build another


Pull a Vil of Wood and add another House.


Feudal Age

Queue up 2 Villagers

Queue up two Vils in your Town Center

2 Villagers -> Market

Build a Market with TWO Vils.


Build a Blacksmith. You should be able to use your house builder for this.

+2 to Gold

Send your two Feudal Villagers to mine Gold. (4 total miners)

  • If you're not at 200 Gold yet:

Sell your Stone!

Sell 200 Stone at the Market for Gold to be able to advance to the next Age.

Queue Castle Age

Ideal Castle Age uptime will be: 12:25.

  • While advancing:

Build two Barracks!

Build two Barracks on the front of your base and start producing Eagles.

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    If you're short on Gold, research Squires!

  • Research your Eco upgrades:

Double Bit-Axe

Research Axe ASAP as we will need a lot of wood in early Castle.

Gold Mining

Not 100% necessary, but helps if you go for >2 Monasteries.

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    Horse Collar is not necessary for now, as we will stay on ~10 Farms for a while.


Keep adding Houses as needed.

Research Infantry Armor

at the Blacksmith to make your Eagles more resilient.

Map Control!

Move out with your Eagles: scout the map for Relics and potential forward buildings. Locating the relics is key for this build.

  • If you intend to build a forward Siege Workshop:

Send 1-2 Vils forward!

Pick one or two full HP Vils and start walking to your opponent's location to be able to pressure with forward production.

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    You can escort them with Eagles if you suspect Wolves or opposing army.


Castle Age

to Gold

every new VIllager can be initally sent to Gold.


Build a Monastery and queue a few Monks.

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    Immediately start collecting the Relics! Get as many as you can! It's worth fighting over them.

Siege Workshop

Build a Siege Workshop. If forward, place it on a hill.

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    Start producing Mangonels (e.g. if vs Archers) or Rams (e.g. vs Walls).

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    Guard them with your Eagles and pressure your opponent.

  • As wood becomes availble,

2nd Monastery

Monks produce slowly; so if you want to start massing them, you should add another Monastery.

  • Once you run out of Sheep and Berries,

+ 5 Farms.

10 farms is enough to keep Villager and Eagle production up.

  • Don't be afraid to

Balance your Economy with the Market.

If you're some resources short for a building or an upgrade, simply sell and buy according to your needs.

  • From here, you need to adapt and

Pile on the pressure!

Pressure your opponent's buildings with Siege, raid his economy with Eagles, convert units and Villagers with Monks. There is many possible lines from now:

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    Research Eagle Warrior and 2nd Infantry Armor and flood your opponent's eco with Eagles.

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    Research Fervor and Sanctitiy to counter opposing Knights, Siege, etc.

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    Buy a Castle and place it on your opponent's resources.

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    Add 2nd and 3rd TC to follow up with a boom.