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Note: the number on the left indicates your current number of villagers. Don't know where this is?
Town Center

With two villagers, build a Town Center near a woodline and second resource (f.e. gold). Preferable also close to deer, boars or berries. To find this spot, move your two vils to scout towards the outside of the map.


With the third villager, build a Dock near shore fish

  • Take villager of dock


Build a house

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    Then let the villager shore fish


Use found sheep to scout the area around your TC to look for boars, deer and other resources. Only eat one sheet if necessary.

Queue up Villagers

Queue up as many Villagers as you can in your Town Center

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    Send them to wood

Fishing ship

Build a fishing ship as soon as you hit 75 wood


Build a house as soon as you hit 25 wood


Research Loom in your Town Center

  • Switch resource priority: wood -> food

Switch all vills from wood to food

Boar or deer based on what you found. You should have 6-7 vills on food to maintain continuous vil production.

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    Switch 2 of the 6 vils back to wood when you have enough fishing ships for continuous vil production

Queue up Villagers and send to wood

Keep producing villagers nonstop and send them to wood

Build Fishing ships

Keep producing fishing ships nonstop at least until you reach Feudal Age

Lumber Camp

Send your new Villager to build a Lumber Camp and move some vils to this camp.

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    When finished, send them to Wood


Send your new Villager to build a house whenever needed (keep in mind that both your TC and dock are producing units)


Build a second Dock whenever you notice you got plenty of wood for another dock and continuous fishing ship production (5 vils on wood per dock)


Build a Barracks. Timing depends on your strategy, but it should be build before you reach Feudal.

Queue Feudal Age

Queue Feudal Age in your Town Center whenever you hit 500 food

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    Move a few vils from wood to gold or stone (depending on your strategy once you hit Feudal)


Feudal Age

Double-Bit Axe

Research Double-Bit Axe in a Lumber Camp

Produce galleys/fire ships

Galleys and fire ships are needed to protect your fishing ships and to attack your opponent's fishing ships.


Send your new Villagers to build Farms (and Mill if you haven't done so). You cannot fully rely on fishing ships to reach Imperial Age or to field an army.

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